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  Published Date:  Friday, August 5, 2016

Rare white lion cubs born at Georgia zoo

These white lion cubs aren't just adorable - they're incredibly rare.

(Iran's Environment News Agency) - These white lion cubs aren't just adorable - they're incredibly rare.

The litter was born at Tbilisi Zoo in Georgia, to Cleopatra and Samuel, who lost a cub in a 2015 flood which killed as many as 300 animals.

“Currently, the newborn babies are being kept in a closed cage and away from the public so they can adapt to the calm environment.

"Their mother will most likely let them out in the coming days, and everyone will have a chance to come and see them for the first time,” the zoo’s Facebook page said in an announcement.

A park official said Cleopatra had a "complicated delivery” but, thanks to zoo veterinarians, everything went well.

The three cubs were all born healthy and have recovered from the birth.

Tbilisi Zoo is famous for its celebrity hippo, Begi, who lumbered through the streets of central Tbilisi in a daze after the flood washed away his enclosure.

European zoos have donated animals to Tbilisi after the flood.

The introduction of the new animals, including wildebeests, mongoose and porcupines, is aimed at helping rehabilitate and repopulate the number of residents at the park.

The lion cubs are a very welcome addition to the zoo and the rare animals are sure to attract many visitors.

White lions are extremely rare, and are only found in 70 zoos worldwide.

While the cubs may appear to be albinos, their white colour is actually caused by a recessive trait, derived from a less-severe mutation in the same gene that causes albinism.

This is distinct from the gene responsible for white tigers.

The white lion breed is almost extinct - so this is a very special birth indeed.

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