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  Published Date:  Friday, May 6, 2016

Lake Urumia will be restored

President Rouhani: If the current government hadn’t taken care of Lake Urumia, it would have been in a much worse condition by now
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(Iran's Environment News Agency) –President Hassan Rouhani visited West Azerbaijan Province on May 30, and addressed the people of West Azarbaijan as “brave border guards of Iran”, and spoke about the efforts the government and the people made to restore Lake Urumia.

President Rouhani referred to his visit to West Azarbaijan before the presidential elections a couple of years ago, and his promise to the people of this province that his administration would restore the vital resource. “We promised and so far we have delivered—the first legislation this government ratified was for the restoration of Lake Urumia.”

Rouhani continued, “If the previous government’s plans for Lake Urumia had been allowed to go on longer than it did, and if the current government had not stepped in with restoration plans, by now the water level of the lake would have been reduced by another 120 cm and resulted in a disaster in West Azarbaijan. But today through the efforts of people and the 11th government, the water level is higher than it was three years ago, and the lake’s condition is stabilized.”

Rouhani stressed that all of the executive agencies of the government are responsible for the restoration of the lake.

Executive agencies, farmers, people of the province, and academics have all made efforts and contributed to the restoration of the lake,” Rouhani said, “to make us all believe that it is possible to restore Lake Urumia and that this lake and prosperity will remain for future generations. It’s noteworthy that Lake Urumia was restored by the hands of the people of Azerbaijan.”

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